How does it work?

A Housing Plan for All of Us
Instead of building one big house that only 2.5 percent of Vancouver residents can afford, Making H.O.M.E. will allow small-scale, multi-family housing to be built on a single lot.

A 2,000-lot program would allow up to six units per lot, and generate up to 10,000 new homes across the city for middle-class families to buy, along with hundreds of millions of dollars through land-value capture tools to help fight homelessness, build affordable rental, repair infrastructure, expand childcare, and accelerate the Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Depending on lot size, the program is flexible enough for builders to either develop multiple stratified homes with a CAC, or have reserved units for middle-income earners - forever.

An Economic Recovery Plan for All of Us
Making H.O.M.E. would create thousands of new direct and indirect jobs through the construction of up to 10,000 new middle-class homes across Vancouver.

Moreover, it would leverage hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to build below-market housing, repair ageing infrastructure, expand childcare, and create new community amenities that would generate even more economic activity, as we continue our recovery from COVID-19.

A Climate Plan for All of Us
Making H.O.M.E. would help us fund and accelerate Vancouver’s world-leading Climate Emergency Action Plan in a way that is fair and equitable. From hundreds of EV chargers to new bus lanes, the plan would help fund actions that help us meet our emissions reduction targets.

What’s more, since buildings account for the majority of our carbon emissions, creating more walkable communities where families can use less land helps us reduce our per-capita carbon footprint.

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