Imagine a vibrant Vancouver with more affordable homes in all neighbourhoods.

What if we could introduce a new housing option? What if instead of prioritizing single-detached homes, our zoning spurred the construction of more multi-unit homes for the middle-class? Imagine if households that make $80,000 a year could buy in neighbourhoods across the city? What if this kind of development could fund the critical infrastructure we need to address homelessness, build affordable rentals, invest in childcare and tackle climate change?

Making H.O.M.E. (Home Options for Middle-income Earners) is a bold plan to build up-to 10,000 new homes in single-detached neighbourhoods. This program will allow:

  • Thousands of young, middle-class or new Canadian families to buy their first home.
  • Make owning a home in Vancouver a reality again for people who are living and working in Vancouver. People like teachers, tradespeople, health care workers and small business owners.
  • Make it easier for seniors to stay close to their families.
  • And make it possible for the next generation to stay in Vancouver.

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