A blueprint for building a Vancouver that works for all of us.

Vancouver is one of the greatest cities in the world in which to live, but it’s also one of least affordable. Every day, residents struggle with housing. Whether it’s finding an affordable rental or buying a home. This is especially true for middle earners - households with an annual income under $80,000.

With the average price of a detached home in Vancouver being $1.8 million, the options are limited to condos, rentals, or more and more often - leaving town.

Vancouver suffers from a “missing middle” when it comes to housing choices. While our Downtown core is highly-densified, the vast majority of the city’s land base is reserved for legacy housing forms such as single-detached homes or duplexes which are too expensive for all but the wealthiest.

In addition to our housing crisis is the climate crisis. This past summer we felt the very real impact of climate change on our city, and it took a devastating toll on some of our most vulnerable neighbours. We need to accelerate the City’s Climate Emergency Action Plan and invest in critical infrastructure, such as EV chargers to new bus lanes, as well as build more walkable neighbourhoods to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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